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Submit your oral histories; photos, scans, videos, and audio from the 1968 era to the online archive.

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A college-wide project bringing together Penn State students, faculty & alumni to explore what it means to live through historic and contemporary times of change.

Moments of Change: Remembering ’68


The college team will commemorate this significant anniversary with a slate of events that are rooted in this critical period, so as to reflect on the moment itself as well as on the kind of profound change the moment exemplifies. To develop the theme, we will host panel discussions, movie nights, lectures, and more with an eye to understanding what happened here at Penn State, nationally, and internationally.


In order to integrate our seminar theme with the classroom experience, the history department will host a Liberal Arts “Edge Seminar” on the subject of 1968 in the spring of 2018 with the goal of creating a permanent course so our students can understand this remarkable time that still influences us today. Like all Edge Seminars, this seminar will be aimed at providing our students with the sort of multidimensional, broadly edifying experience that marks the best of a liberal arts education, combining interdisciplinary education, co-curricular activities, and engagement with our vast alumni network.

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Discover 1968 as it unfolded in the headlines of the Daily Collegian. From war, to the civil rights movement, to everyday campus news, the Collegian archives this important moment in our history from a Penn State perspective.

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